Sentiment Analysis Report - W/E May 15, 2015

The Diagnosis 
Analysis of the market activity in the week ended May 15, 2015 technically revealed a divergence between the key benchmark index and market breadth.

Nonetheless, we observed an improved but low-key bargain appetite in the face of sustained lacklustre trading pattern and moderate price volatility- this indicates sustaned investors’ apathy and mixed sentiments.
Furthermore, an extensive analysis revealed a decline in distribution level as market witnessed moderate demand. The Small capped stocks were actively

List Of Stock Brokers In Nigeria

The Nigerian Stock Exchange frequent publishes a list of active and inactive stockbrokers that you can rely on to trade shares. It is important to check this list occasionally as the exchange frequently amend it to capture active and inactive stockbrokers. Here is a cross section of the list;

AAA Stockbrokers Limited- InActive – Deactivated by SEC
Adamawa Securities Limited- Active
Adonai Stockbrokers Limited- Active